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Hello ladies and hobos, and welcome to the Crash World website! A game where pedestrians fly, traffic gets mad at you and the police just doesn’t care.



Why darling?

In Crash World you try to escape from a bank heist while causing maximum damage! Cars can burn, pedestrians can get their pixel faces squashed and the police doesn’t ask questions.


  • Infinite city to explore
  • Pedestrians that can piss you off
  • You can drive over pedestrians
  • Exploding cars
  • No intelligent cops


Crash World also has leaderboards, multiple game mods, upgradable cars, attachments, screenshot capturing, video capturing.


If you’re excited to see what we do, you can request a private demo by leaving your email here, or by contacting us!

Work work

We’re just two guys working nightly’s who love simulations and comedy in games. We work with software and entertainment in RL and doing this is just for your fun and joy.


We’re very close to having a version ready for public release, but we’re still not there. We post our daily progress on twitter mostly, so follow us there!

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