Crash World demo

Hello there friend, thanks for taking the time to check out Crash World. Here you’ll find the latest builds as well as troubleshooting and help. If you need any assistance please mail me at, or on skype: mihael.grilec. Thanks!

You can find game features, description and screenshots on the game’s main page.

How to play

The controls are remappable at the intro dialog. The default ones are:

  • W / Up Arrow – forward
  • S / Down Arrow – back
  • A / Left Arrow – left
  • D / Right Arrow – right
  • F – fire/special
  • C – change camera
  • ESC – pause
  • D-pad – steering
  • A – forward
  • B – back
  • Y – fire/special
  • RB/LB – change camera
  • Back – pause
  • Gamepad supported, Xbox gamepad preffered

The game captures screenshots during play, if you want to save them press the save button next to the image. You can then find them in the game directory.

Troubleshooting and help

This software should be considered alpha quality so bugs are expected. We will be happy to fix any and all reported bugs.